The Legacy Of The AAAPC 2013 HK

We indeed made sunshine indoors, despite the rainy weather in Hong Kong at the key AIESEC Alumni Asia Pacific Conference (AAAPC) 2013 held from 14-16 June.

What a wonderful and committed team of HK alumni! The OC of AAAPC 2013 comprising over 15 members and another 13 assistants, supremely and efficiently helmed by Ivan Chiu, MD of AAHK and vigorously supported by its AAHK Council led by Chairman Mingles Tsoi. Thank you, all!

It was a conference that exceeded many expectations in terms of its grandeur of venue at the Harbour Grand Hotel in Kowloon, the intoxicating and crazy welcome dinner party with its World Liquor corner and Sculling Contest, alongside with wild roll calls as well as the equally colorful Gala Dinner, the relevant local content business forum and panel discussions featuring talented alumni and business illuminaries, the superior OC execution keeping the agenda on track and supporting it to reach its key objectives and also, most of all, in its charm of location in the ever-vibrant city of Hong Kong.

We are 20 member countries strong in the AAAP. We were 12 member countries represented at this AAAPC 2013. We enjoyed the attendance and camaraderie of 122 delegates comprising 104 from AP and another 18 foreign guests (from Belgium, Canada, Hungary, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Slovakia and Romania).

We discussed and debated in the tightness of 8 full hours on-site (excluding the other 20 over hours of sleep-deprived gameful partying spread out at the venues at Harbour Grand 41F Club lounge, LKF, IFC, Mongkok, and TST drinking hotspots) spread over 2 days to achieve the following milestones :

1. Endorse as the 2013 HK Affirmation, the KL Declaration of the August 2009 Alumni Global Conference (a separate posting soon)

2. Create the inaugural AAAP regional chapter and the AAAP Advisory Council as two formal bodies to communicate and promote with AAI to be the Vision to be the Change Agent for AIESECers in and beyond the AP region

3. Assist in the continuing creation and set-up of NAAs, formal and informal, to ensure all 20 AP member countries will have NAA chapters by 2015

4. Set up the first voluntary 2-year rotating country Secretariat to be the service platform for all AP member countries (thank you, Philippines for offering to be the first host Secretariat)

5. Present the AP voice and to represent the AP in its relations with AAI and other regional chapters

6. Assist all NAAs to organise and create more relevant ground programs and activities to keep engaged, its ever-growing alumni base

7. Assist in managing the growing database of all AP member countries to allow easier connections (and eventually via the ALUMnet)

8. Explore the set-up of ALUMnites, A-Groups and A-Networks (and more) in a further reach to link all alumni with life-long connections and industry networking, with a special emphasis on the young alumni community.

The AAAP Secretariat has been tasked to study, analyse and present the ways and means to achieve the stated Vision of being a change agent for the AP region and to assist all NAAs to pursue a common objective of growing and strengthening its alumni management in each AP country. To this end, the strategies and tactics will differ among established NAAs and newly set-up as well as informal NAAs but the key values of AIESEC will serve as the guiding light for all its endeavors. In this manner, we expect the AAAP to play a leading role in its NAA members’ growth by sharing best practices case studies and assisting in crafting ground and local-content programs that are relevant and impactful. To achieve these, the AAAP Secretariat will prepare and make available soon the AAAP LEGACY KIT to all NAAs to allow them to follow a common alumni engagement platform and to learn from each other. The Vision, Objectives, Strategies and KPIs with the five year timeline will be discussed at the first Secretariat Meeting scheduled for Thursday night, 20 June 2013 in Manila.

The AAAP President and the AAAP Secretariat foresee news, information flows and updates via the virtual space as the new technology front to engage its AP member countries but also look forward to on-the-ground country visits to meet NAA heads, senior leaders and keen alumni. The Legacy has started and we are all in.

Thank you.

Gavin Ng

Together with Hiro Kinashi
AAAP Advisory Council AAAP_03