AIESEC Alumni A-Networks are online and offline networks focusing on certain industries or interests. Presently the online A-Networks are on the Facebook closed Groups platform but it is the intention to eventually transport this, once adopted, to the AIESEC Alumni International’s AlumNet platform currently under development.

AIESEC A-Networks are presently experimental and have not yet officially been presented for approval by AIESEC Alumni International. Membership is open to all AIESEC Alumni.

The A-Networks work along the premise of NEEDS and LEADS:

  1. Each member posting his PERSONAL INTRO – detailing his AIESEC background and why he is seeking LEADS in the A-Network
  2. Posting his NEED – specifically in terms of advice, leads, referrals, introductions in relation to a business or interest (but NOT seeking a JOB).
  3. Other members voluntarily posting LEADS – suggestions, tips, advice, introductions, referrals to other people who may be able to help.

For a list of the current A-Networks: www.a-networks.org