Corporate Roundtables


Corporate Roundtables are lunch or dinner sessions co-hosted by companies who wish to introduce themselves to the AIESEC Alumni with a view of future recruitment or just purely public relations. The event can be held in private rooms of restaurants or preferably in company Boardrooms with sandwich lunch. Attendance is restricted to 10 AIESEC Alumni who are booked on a first-signup basis.  The host company can have 2 persons.

The format is a maximum of 2.5 hours and follows a program:

1. Starts with go-around brief personal introductions

2. The company host chooses a topic to speak on for 15 minutes (company strategy, industry outlook, crisis, corporate social responsibility, human development, etc).

3. Then Q&A for 20 minutes.

4. Feedback from each participant. This is to enable everyone to speak and get to be heard.

5. Further discussion or closing.

The format is powerful as it is intimate and allows each participant to voice opinion.

It is preferable that each participant pays a fee so there is discipline in attendance and also so that alumni do not abuse the privilege at the expense of others.