The Mentoring Program is still at an experimental stage but a version has been tried by AIESEC Alumni Korea.

In the Mentoring Program, a more senior AIESEC Alumnus (over 35 years old) is matched with 2-3 junior AIESEC Alumni. The Matching process is done by a committee where a list of volunteer senior members is put up as available Mentors. The Mentees lodge an application and they list their 2 preferred Mentors. The Committee matches them accordingly and the relationship program is done for a year. The Mentor must meet each Mentee at least twice a year in a private conversation. There are guidelines and a Code of Conduct to be followed to enable the Mentee and the Mentor to learn from each other. The sessions are focused on the Mentee’s career development. At the end of the program, all are asked to evaluate the program.